The Concept Of Money III

The Concept Of Money III
Jun 21st 2020 by Kelzy_inspires

So today's content is about SOLUTIONS. An Introduction To Taking Advantage Of The Wealth Transfer System.

If you live in a country like Nigeria, you cannot afford to choose food. What I mean is that we should be the first to adopt and figure out alternatives to these problems. Because of this, I find it weird that many Nigerians are afraid of the word 'Cryptocurrency'. I believe that this technology will help us alleviate our Third World payment problems in 2020 and beyond. I've been using cryptocurrency as a means of sending and receiving payments for 2 years+ now. You should also know that we have Dollar, Naira, Euro, Cedi, Rand, Yen, etc., for regular currency (officially called FIAT CURRENCY) and we have Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, etc. for Cryptocurrency.

Just as the most popular fiat currency in the world is the Dollar, the most popular crypto currency in the world is BITCOIN. Get it? Bitcoin is just on of many cryptocurrencies, but it's the most popular and most valuable.The Price of 1 Bitcoin is around $9000+. You can earn Bitcoin in different ways: 1. Airdrops. 2. Buying it and Keep it for a long time. 3. Trading. 4. Accepting Payments with Bitcoin.

The aim here is not to get deep into crypto. You can contact me privately after this and I'll help you with every information you need to know about Cryptocurrency as well as the Gift We promised to give you. So There's a lot to Money than we can exhaust here in this post, but that's why this category is here to make this knowledge handy and practical for you. Crypto Currency is just a part of this Wealth Transfer literacy. If you must harness the ongoing 'Wealth Transfer'; You must define wealth to yourself (We will help you with this subsequently). You must choose not to limit wealth to money (broaden your scope of it). This is why I took you on the concept on Money, so you can understand how money works. Money is everywhere trust me. All you need is the Right Knowledge and Positioning.

As a young person, it's possible to have Lots of Money! It's very possible. All you need do is understand money and take necessary actions. That's why you should chat me up privately to help you through this journey.

I hope you got value? Please I'll love to hear from you in the comment section. Thanks! And for the Gift I promised you, here is a book on money that has changed my mindset in no small way. A book by Robert T. Kiyosaki. Here, click on Rich Dad Poor Dad. Amazing book! Read and thank me later!


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