Something You Never Knew About Depression.

Something You Never Knew About Depression.
Jun 1st 2022 by Ojei Favour

One of the easiest ways the Devil sells Depression to people is to make them isolated and feel like everyone else in the World cannot understand them. Let me tell you a quick story.

Just this morning I sat down in my room, thinking of how my life seems to be the worst. I still have a lot of deadlines to meet, still haven't gotten a brand of my own. What next can I do? Am I really walking on the right path? After siting and thinking for a while, I quickly remembered; my outing with the ladies!!!

I rushed in to take my shower and rushed out for the outing. As I got there, my friend, Chimdi was telling the girls about her struggles and the current challenges she's facing. Guess what? It was so so similar to the feeling of loneliness and unworthiness I had felt that morning. So I thought to myself, Chimdi can't be experiencing this too. The next thing I knew, Anita started talking about her business and her fears about starting up this year. Rejoice repiles with a loud voice "Asin ehhh" (In Nigeria, it means that you can relate).

I kept silent from that moment till I got home, I got my pen and decided to write this. The World is interesting and you can't imagine what everyone is going through and experiencing. To even make it worse, everyone thinks they are in this alone or no one can understand them or their situation. People think they are the only ones scared, feeling lonely, having worries about the future, feeling lazy and everyone else has it sorted out! Such a big lie!

That's just the Devil's lies to cheat and distract you. The Devil is a liar and one of these greatest lies he has sold to God's people is that they are alone and no one else can understand their situation.

Listen to God's word for you today! You are not alone, you can't be the only person in the World going through whatever you think you are going through. For us as Christians, the Bible even goes further to tell us in 1 Pet 5:9; ".... that the same kinds of suffering are being experienced by your brotherhood throughout the world." [ESV]

Whatever you are going through someone out there is going through it or has passed through that situation and conquered that challenge. It's more difficult to get out of situations or challenges when we think they are peculiar to us. Remember to not allow the thoughts of "your case is different".

Here are things you should do:

Talk to someone, pray about it, check what God's word says about it. But don't ever feel you are alone or feel it's a peculiar to you that's a fast ticket to depression. Remember that you have received God's Spirit, Give no room to the Devil, Give no room for Depression.

I am rooting for you!

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Ojei Favour
Ojei Favour

Ojei Favour also known as GospelWriter is a dedicated and committed lover of God, passionate about the Truth in God's word whose heart desire is for many to come to the knowledge of the Truth, which is Jesus, the only Son of God. She's also a 400 Level student of the University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus, The President of Christian Law Student Fellowship of Nigeria, a teacher, a Writer, a Content Creator and a drama Minister.