Identity Crisis.

Identity Crisis.
Jan 26th 2021 by IFEDI

Hey dear friend, I do hope you are having a beautiful year so far? If it's all unclear yet, hold on you'll soon come out good, for coming this far, you're already a winner. 

We'll start our little discus today by looking at these two statements... "Can you tell us more about yourself?" and "Who are you?". I find it interesting, the level of importance attached to these questions especially the former, during interviews for example. Most times the decision on your qualification for the job depends on how you respond to this question, while in the informal sector especially, during a chat, the question "who are you?" seem to carry a lot of hidden weight that can produce varying levels of emotions. We always assume we know the answers to these things but it's not always the case.

Ours is an interesting journey, we start off our lives by being identified biologically and then we're named by our parents/caregivers. After this initial level of identification, every other thing is picked as we go and grow, most times the system(education or environment) give us forms of identity/definition, "brilliant, dumb, happy, smart, intelligent" and other adjectives are used  to define us. Our career, academic inclinations/qualifications, psychological disposition etc all add to our identity as we move up life's ladder.

It is interesting to note that one can be all this and still seem lost in the universe, so how do we get a hold of ourselves, who are you beyond the things you think you can do? I'm led to believe that the things we can do (skills, job etc) are like an avenue to showcase who we truly are, these things don't seem to fully describe us but rather give the true configuration of our souls a window of expression.


In today's world there's a full-blown identity crisis, everyone wants to be everyone but themselves. The mob/crowd mentality, cancel culture etc have eaten deep into the psyche of the society. Right now, the majority always seem to be right, independent thoughts that disagree with the perceived norm are shouted down and bullied in the media space. Simple gender identification has a wide range of definitions now, sexual orientation is a course on its own. 

A continuous sojourn into this state of absolute liberalism will lead to nothing but pure chaos. Truth is, to truly live you need a proper identity so as to navigate the waves of life's oceans, a rutherless or anchorless ship will always get lost in the sea. You can't afford not to know your identity, you can't be everything & anything, even waving flags have poles.  Tracing early interactions/relationship with man in the scriptures God introduced himself as "I am" & on his coming in human form he continued the introduction as "I AM the bread of life", "I AM... the son of God", "I Am the light of the world" etc, every other thing he became had roots in his identity, "I am". He made it possible for man to identify him through relationship and works. This culminated into this lifestyle we call Christianity today.

Interestingly Christians are not totally exempted from the identity crisis ravaging the world. At this point it should be noted that believers are not double agents, you can't play for both teams, we are in the world but not of the worldly kingdom. When Paul talked about how he "became" everything to all men for the sake of the gospel, note that he knew his identity, he was deeply rooted in Christ. I hope what you've become or what you are is for the gospel, if not there's need for a rethink and honest check.

If it's true like the scripture said it that "in Christ" we "live" and have our "being"  then it'll be safe to say that there's a different ecosystem in Christ, it's discovery channel. You discover him and get to know yourself too, a win-win situation, your identity problem will be solved in there.

Your life's purpose, the solution(s) to all the questions you have about your frustrations, career, business, relationships etc can be given a good headstart from this point. Remember, to make real progress & wield true influence as you plan against the coming months & their challenges you must identify who you really are.


Christ is the true essence of life, if you don't have a relationship with him yet, you can receive him now by saying, dear Lord Jesus, I accept you as my Lord and saviour, I believe that you died and rose from the dead for my sake, lead me on this journey and I'll follow in Jesus name, amen. Welcome on board! God bless you ❤️

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