What Is Fashion?

What Is Fashion?
Apr 17th 2019 by Crystal

For some months I've been really thinking of doing a post on fashion but I keep pushing it away. Maybe because somethings are not yet in place but here I am! I'm doing it anyway. I feel the need to share this to help young people to actually know what Fashion is really all about. Trust me this is very needful, just follow me.

So the dictionary meaning of Fashion is "a popular way of dressing during a particular time or among a particular group of people". It can also mean "clothes that are popular". Wonderful definition, let me explain: so fashion basically means a particular style of clothing or dress that is in Vogue which the moment another style or dress is out, the former becomes out of fashion. I'll give two examples; the mummy jeans that is in Vogue now was not few years before that particular time.

Another example can be wearing an over sized vintage shirt on a skinny jean. These styles were not considered as fashion few years ago. Now that is for fashion. That will take me to "STYLE". What style is and how style is much better than just fashion.

Dictionary says style is "a particular way in which something is done, created or performed". Further definition is "a particular form or design of something". Well this is what I got from the whole definition and my personal observation. "Style" is expressing yourself through what you wear. It goes beyond clothes; it's in your voice, your posture, your poise, choice of words, haircut/hairstyle, most importantly the way you carry yourself. Style is affected by your beliefs, culture and subculture, weather or profession and so on. I'll stop here for now, will continue in the next post.

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