How To Know The Right Friends.

How To Know The Right Friends.
May 11th 2022 by Crystal

Friendship is NOT what you say or post on social media. It is not how many of their pictures you have in your phone. It is definitely not how many times they call you! Yes! Constant communication doesn't guarantee Friendship.

Friendship is not draining the other person just to feel loved and accepted. Friendship is not in the 'bestie' tag either. I've seen people jump from one bestie to the other. There are a lot of points but I'll stop here.

Here's what Friendship is; It is a heart, vision, perspective and value synchronization.

Friendship is selflessness (Read John 15:13).

Friendship is helping the other attain their greatest potential.

Friendship is provoking each other to be the best of yourselves.

Actually, real Friendship happens behind the scenes! behind the camera! Friendship is physically distant yet very close at heart. It is understanding we are not the same and yet appreciate the difference.

True Friendship prompts communication not assumption. PERFECT Friendship is the one which God is at the center (john 15:15) and the Holy Spirit is living in the hearts of the two involved.

A friendship void of jealously, envy, hate etc... Just for clarity, I need you to know that there's no such thing as a bad friend. Yes! The only problem is your values and theirs are not the same. They are not heading where you are headed.


Finally, healthy relationship(friendship) is something money can't buy and something that lasts forever. So I encourage you to consciously choose our friends (Read John 15:16) and build healthy relationships. If you have the right people in your life, you are few steps away from being who God wants you to be.

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