Gowns & Suits

Gowns & Suits
Jul 2nd 2020 by Ifedi

Gowns & Suits.

Marriage is one of the most beautiful things in life and no matter how early or late you get married you have the rest of your life to live with this person so do not activate the rush-hour mode, move at your pace, especially in the right direction.

So, I heard wedding & engagement notifications is the main buzz all around you, from whatsapp updates to your facebook feed & notoriously those whatsapp groups you'd rather not wanna be in but you know, secondary school classmates and all, you just have to be there so it doesn't seem like you're feeling too "big", there are always plenty weddings to plan in there & the last ashoebi cloth/suit you got is now a burden to that hanger in the wardrobe, you've not dusted it in the past 3months even before the aliens arrived, ooh, I mean Covid-19.

Truly you're genuinely happy for these friends and colleagues but you can't seem to fathom how this good news always activates questions from your friends to you, it's like the call & response pattern during choir renditions, someone gets engaged and they all turn & ask you "how far?" even when it's known you're single, this confuses you a lot sometimes & I understand.

As important as marriage is to humanity always remember that marriage is not the S.I unit for fulfillment of purpose, yeah fulfillment of purpose can happen in marriage but it is not always dependent on exchanging marital vows. My idea of a blessed relationship leading to marriage are two persons seeking God and fulfilling purpose, who find themselves on this path and continue this journey.

I know you're human and everyone(especially you) can attest to the fact that you're a lovely, loveable and loving being, the life of the party, very kind-hearted and you've had your story with love and it left a sour taste but you still love nonetheless; the more reason these guys wonder what's going on.

Dear friend, life is going on, you better live it or it leaves you behind, rejoice with them that rejoice and keep on living, remind yourself always that you're under no obligation to play by their rules and just so you know disentangle yourself from accepting every and any men on suit/bridal train offers, if you can't afford them at the moment, kindly say so... you can always cheer from the stands.

Do not let external pressure drive you, these things and greater things will happen to you, time will reveal them all and always remember that Mary fulfilled a part of her purpose as the mother of Jesus while Paul proudly attested to the fact that he fulfilled his purpose and we agree too even as an apostle of Christ.

I'll leave you with this, marriage is not the finish line in the race of life, because life continues in marriage.

Keep living and loving! ❤️


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