Identity Issue

Identity Issue
Jan 10th 2019 by Crystal

A lot of young people have a mindset that’s not ideal which I want to seriously correct. If you ask young people to list their hobbies they will but ask them what they do asides from being a student of a University or a Secondary School they tell you nothing. Some go further to say they shouldn’t do anything asides schooling then get a job and earn. Honestly it breaks my heart to hear young people say this every time (I’ll tell you why later).

God gave every single one of us talents and gifts!!! I hope you know they shouldn’t just be dormant. Remember the parable of the talents in the Bible. Your gifts and talents are there for a purpose!! Don’t cage it, don’t limit it! I’ll say a little about myself, I hope it inspires you….

So I’m a girl that loves dancing (started that since my nursery School days), I love singing (a way of expressing myself), I act too (discovered that in church when we did all the drama and stuff). I was done with SS 3, I utilized the little delay I had to enter the University. I learnt a skill (tailoring). I didn’t actually see them as assets or an opportunity to change lives until not long ago I understood that every gift/talent/skill is a platform to change lives. So now I’m currently working on having my fashion house; starting a career in acting and a lot of other stuffs that comes with it. I write too!! (I never knew I could write but I had to write about something I needed to change!) Passion made me write, funny, yeah.. All these dreams and visions are backed up with needs that must be met in those areas! Now, you reading this, you can talk? Then start planning on how to inspire people, and change lives through talking. You can entertain? Start making plans to use them and change destinies!!

Where exactly I’m I going with all this; dear young person discover what your talents, gifts and passions are and then decide to use them to solve problems around your environment and community!. That’s where Entrepreneurship comes in.

I definitely have a lot to say about this but I’ll break it down to series. So we’ll be knowing a lot about Entrepreneurship and maximizing your gifts. I’ll have guests come write on that so get ready and I hope this piece blessed someone! If it did please tell me how you feel about this in the comment box below! Thank you and God bless you!! Share to friends that need to see this!!

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I'm a lady on a mission. I love Jesus.. And I'm all about who you are than what you do.