Birthday Note From Me.

Birthday Note From Me.
Apr 25th 2020 by Crystal

I am not trying to be humble. Don’t think I have it all fixed and under control. Don’t think I’m superhuman. I have been rejected, broke, disappointed, beaten mercilessly (physically), ignored, insulted, underestimated, underrated, isolated (which was good for me in a way). How about I tell you a little story...

A day came when my head was full! I know you will ask, “full of what?”. Well, full of sadness, full of hate, full of bad, wrong and really bad decisions I wanted to make all at the same time. My emotions were shattered at the time. I thought to myself, it won’t really mean much if I took my life because I thought nobody cared! My emotions were caged. Did I take my life? No of course! Lol. But I’ll tell you why I didn’t. Whilst my head was full, I busted into tears. I didn’t know why I was crying but I couldn’t hold it.

I started talking to someone I couldn’t see, but I knew He was there. All I was saying while crying was “WHY?. Why me? Why all this hate, pain and rejection for one person? And calmly I heard Him say “Before you were formed in your mother’s womb I knew you… You are not a mistake.” Instantly the sadness left. Those words gave me life afresh as it went deep to my heart and Spirit. I knew it like I knew my name. Why did I tell you this?

I told you because I’m sure you have felt this way, maybe you didn’t think of suicide like me, maybe you creatively thought of doing the wrong things to cover for your pain. Maybe you choose to give up on life and just exist and not truly live for a cause. Please be like me and talk to the one person that is ever with us in good and in bad times. His name is JESUS. That’s how my journey began, that’s how The Youth Being came about. So truly I don’t know how I got here but I know Jesus did it! Please if you know Him or see Him anytime, tell Him Crystal is grateful to Him! Though I’ve told Him a thousand times now, Lol. Thanks in advance.


Lastly, for a gift, I will love a word of a sincere prayer from you. Thank you for even caring to click on the link. That’s all the love I need with the prayers too, Lol. God bless you. I love you from my heart! Don’t forget to share! Bye for now.

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