8 Tips To Help You Keep Long Lasting Friendships.

8 Tips To Help You Keep Long Lasting Friendships.
Aug 24th 2020 by Crystal

Hello, glad to have you read this and gain so much value. Let's dive into the remaining 4 shall we? If you haven't read the first 4, kindly check that out here >> FIRST 4 TIPS... Alright let's continue.

  • Fifth; DON'T BE A PARASITE: Please don't get used to sapping your friend's energy, money, time, sacrifice and never reciprocate! It's wickedness and evil. If you can't reciprocate (which I doubt, everyone can in different ways), you are better off friendless. Have something to help with, don't be stingy with your time, money or energy to someone you call a friend. This can mean a lot and keep a friendship fresh always.

  • Sixth; DECIDE TO BE A LOYAL AND TRUSTWORTHY FRIEND: This one is a personal decision. No one was born with this potential. You must really decide to be a loyal friend, after deciding, practice it. Don't ever say what your friend told you as a secret. Learn to respect your friend's decisions, even if it's not what you want for her. Say something and do it, if you won't do it, don't say it. Little things like saying 'I'll meet you in 5 minutes', and in 20 minutes you are not even close. That's very wrong. There are days you'll not keep up with this but don't let it be a habit. Don't let your friends know you as someone that says something and does another thing. This can destroy friendships.

  • Seventh; BE A GOOD LISTENER AND BE TEACHABLE: Don't always try to prove a point to your friends that you are better. If you are better, they'll see it themselves. You don't need to shout about it. Genuinely listen to advice from your friends, even if you won't eventually do what they said. But let them know you cherish what they think, give them room to advice you and genuinely listen. No one knows it all. It helps your friends get comfortable talking around you and also letting you know how they feel about something so you can adjust or stop it, This really helps.

  • Eight; GENUINELY HELP YOUR FRIENDS GROW: Be committed to help your friends grow in all areas of their lives in anyway possible that you can. The first step here is to be committed to your personal growth. When a true friend sees how you are growing, (s)he will definitely come around and ask you to help them grow too, but if not, learn to grow together with your friend. Recommend/share a book that can help them greatly, recommend a business partner, be their cheerleader, encourage them and celebrate their small wins. You'll be shocked at the response of loyalty and love you will get from your friend. Add value to them at any opportunity you get. This act never goes unrewarded trust me.

So after doing all this, there's no way your friendships won't last. But, if you've tried all these and the friendship is not working, then you are not the problem. The other person is the problem, that's why I advise you share this post to all your friends and every young person you know. The world will be a beautiful place to be with beautiful long lasting friendships!

I Love You Much. Brace up for yet another interesting and self provoking topics this month.

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