Leverage - Relationships (2)

Leverage - Relationships (2)
May 30th 2021 by IFEDI

Good day dear friend, it's a good day to remind you that the people you associate with and how you relate with them is an important factor in how your life will turn out, let's get into today's business.

Why do you think "cut soap for me" became an instant hit as a street slang among Nigerian youths and is seemingly very relatable across the board? Is it because we suddenly discovered a high deficiency in our hygiene or probably cos "soap" is the next best digital currency required by everyone? Your guess is as good as mine.

What happened is that the average young person on the streets discovered that they'll have to leverage on the relationship they have with others pals out there to get to certain levels of "success" as defined by the street. Now, this might not be the best illustration/citation to use to drive home my point but it's necessary as we'll get to see in the next few lines.

We live in very interesting times where almost everything we do has become transactional, it is so endemic that the basic show of love to your neighbor is riddled with a lot of corresponding expectations, even romantic relationships as majorly portrayed all seem like another day in the stock market where bargains are rife, everyone is looking for gains while they rarely give or contribute anything, it has even affected our relationship with God, so how do we genuinely leverage on the friendship and relationships we have without ripping people off selfishly? This has to be addressed because the current trend is that we love the things people produce or can give and we go ahead and use people to get these things, switching the pronouns wrongly. One should love people and use things, not the other way round, one should love God and use the things he provides not try to only use God to get things we love.

To leverage on the relationship you have, you should know that value is key, what do I mean? I'm talking about what you add to this relationship, your personality, principles, and with God; your worship, etc. You can only make demands on a relationship you've invested in either through service or loyalty and you should. How you do it is what separates you from a mere opportunist, truth is that to be selfish is human but to intentionally and live life selfishly is a myopic, limited, and uncivilized mode of existence. 

To leverage on relationships across the board you must have to not just seek friends but become one, know yourself, be willing to learn and unlearn, learn to ask questions, and understand that you cannot live life alone, no man is self-made, we all need each other.

If leverage truly means using what you have (a resource) to get or achieve something better then I'd have to ask, what do you have? 

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