Leverage - Relationships.

Leverage - Relationships.
May 13th 2021 by Ifesinachi Crystal

There's this joy I feel just because you are reading this here and now after a long time. I missed writing here. I trust you are fine.

We've been on a journey since January till now. You can check our social media pages for a recap on them. So this month we will explore the topic; Relationships.

Relationships! How to leverage different kinds of relationships to become better in the journey of life. This can be your relationship with God, family, mentors, colleagues, and friends. This is very important because we were created as dependable beings. We can never do life alone. That's not how we are wired. We need people, we need God! If we ever want to live to our fullest potential in God and on earth.

The way you relate to God is different from the way you relate to family. The way you relate with your mentors is different from the way you relate with friends. Wisdom is knowing how to relate with every one of them.

This is what this month's focus is about. To help you understand these types of relationships and how to leverage them with great understanding. More explicit and detailed content on this will be up here soon.

Please stay with us! Lots of love!❤ Please share your thoughts and comments on this. It will be very much appreciated.

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Ifesinachi Crystal
Ifesinachi Crystal

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