Love And Money: The Role Of Money In A Relationship

Love And Money: The Role Of Money In A Relationship
Feb 16th 2022 by Ifesinachi Crystal

Yesterday we already shared on our social media platforms what we think is more important in a relationship; Love or Money (you should check it out HERE).

However, today, we will explore truths concerning the role of money in a relationship and how both love and money should be balanced in a relationship.

The Role of Money In a Relationship/Marriage;

For Basic Needs; you don't need 5 million in whatever currency to moderately provide for basic needs. They are needs and must be provided for by all at the level you can. You must be able to provide for your basic needs as a single before thinking of a relationship. Have your basic needs met (clothing, shelter, and feeding), and to do this you must have a personal source of income. This is so you don't carry your personal needs over into your relationship and feel entitled. It has a way of draining a relationship. Be wise.

For Support; There are times in your business or career, you just need financial support. Financial Support from your partner is a love language😉. This is where both of you earn and support each other's business, career and dreams. This support MUST come from both parties.

To Spice Up The Relationship; Money is needed to spice up your relationship. You don't need millions or billions to do this. The little things are what matter the most, but that little thing must cost you some money dear. In this age and time where you can order anything for anyone online and have it delivered to their doorstep, you need money to do all that.

I am in no way insinuating that money is more important in a relationship than love. Genuine love is not interested in the other person's money, but over time the money has a role to play. When there's no money, true love can overlook and endure, but for how long?

When there's a money problem in a relationship, it's not that there is no love, rather there are needs to be met that only money can solve and not love. Money problems can only answer to money not love. So you see, YOU MUST BALANCE THE BOTH.

Value, Skill, Knowledge attracts Money. Sacrifice, Care, Attention breeds Love. Money enhances the intensity of love expressed but you must not be deceived by the money flaunt. True love is discerned by the intention and not the actions. Judge true love by the intention of who is expressing it and not by what is being expressed.

Love cannot buy money. Money cannot buy love. Love and Money function operates on different planes. However, the combination of both can be heaven on earth.

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