Interesting Q&A Session With Prince Akwarandu

Interesting Q&A Session With Prince Akwarandu
Jan 8th 2020 by Crystal

Question 1: Good day, Mr. Prince We are glad to have you here on The Youth Being. Please kindly tell us a little about you?

Hi Crystal, I’m more glad to honour this invitation. My name is Prince Akwarandu. I’m a writer, author of several books and a blogger. I help purpose-driven writers grow their writing talent without compromising their price, purpose, and promise. I believe in personal development, Nation Building, regional collaboration, and global participation.

Question 2: How did your 2019 go? Tell us, did you have any goal/plan that wasn’t met/executed?

I achieved my goal of traveling to more cities and states than I did in previous years. It was a great experience for me and I’m open to exploring more as I showcase my skills and engage with people.

Question 3: How do you feel about being in 2020? Are you grateful seeing 2020?

I’m excited about 2020 and open to leveraging more opportunities.

Question 4: Could you be kind enough Mr. Prince to let us know how you became an online figure/influencer?

Becoming an online figure is more of a journey than a destination for me. I believe anyone can be an online figure. It just depends on what you’re known or want to be known for online.

Basically, I started out by writing and publishing articles on my blog in 2014. I leveraged on the blog as a platform to express myself as I nurture my communication skills.

As I grew I got to discover that becoming an online figure has to do with serving people. You can’t do it alone. When I discovered this ONE THING, I focused my energy on connecting with more people, showing up online to share my thoughts and engaging with other people’s content daily.

I can go on to talk about this, but I think it’s more about trying out a lot of things, figuring out where you can focus your energy, and mastering what you want to be known for through daily practice.

Question 5: What are the core things that have kept you as an influencer for some time now?

Connecting with people, building relevant relationships with those in my niche, and creating evergreen content consistently.

Question 6: How can a young person at this age start Networking just in case they want to delve into it?

By a young person, I assume you mean teenagers. And by Networking, I assume you mean connecting with others. With that in mind, I would say the MANNER OF APPROACH is very important when dealing with people.

Everyone you come across has what makes them unique. You can focus on their STRENGTHS rather than WEAKNESS while networking with them.  

Don’t be all about business -foster meaningful relationships with people IN and OUTSIDE your business niche. Make friends, have fun, learn.

Question 7: Tell us the 5 things you can’t do without in a day.

1. Pen 2. Jotter 3. Smartphone 4. Laptop 5. Bible

Question 8: What do you have passion for?

I’m passionate about growth, and always open to my craft.


Our guest made it to the top 50 young influencers/entrepreneurs in Nigeria in 2019. Done by Blessing Omaka. He’s the first person on this photo collage from the top-left

Question 9: What do you have to tell every youth reading this on The Youth Being.

Don’t be quick with downloading 50 PDFs from Google on what you want to learn. You can get more confused about going that route. Invest TIME and MONEY in yourself. It’d pay off with time.

Question 10: Finally, do a shout out to two persons you love the most. Thank You

Shout out to everyone who has read from question 1 until this point. You’re the real MVP! Much love!

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