Romeo & Juliet (The Love Story You Never Heard)

Romeo & Juliet (The Love Story You Never Heard)
Mar 9th 2022 by IFEDI

During the Valentine week I saw a post online that I really found interesting and made me think.

It's no longer news that Romeo and Juliet died because of the love they shared, in the Titanic mishap Jack also died because of similar circumstances.

Interestingly these epic love stories are most times regarded as "perfect" but there's one factor they have in common, both experiences were short-lived.

The love between Jack and Rose was disrupted by the iceberg incident while the hot romance between Romeo and Juliet couldn't last beyond the trouble that ensued between the families, would these stories still be seen as models for the perfect love story if they stood the test of time and death didn't interfere? I'm tempted to think that the short lifespan of their stories created this illusion of perfection in love, what do you think?

I'm honestly not trying to take away the thrill of these epic love stories, however if such scenes are what we only look at, then I think our idea of perfection in love might be flawed. This is because love allows for imperfection and time happens to all things, time is a "tester". True love doesn't only happen when everything is perfect or when perfect people are involved, true love endures, grows, makes room for mistakes and moulds the people involved into better versions of themselves.

If true love where to be only judged by the intensity of love within a period of time, then our "falling in love" experiences; those initial stages of gushing over each other, would be the only parameter to define love vis-a-vis what we feel or know about each other.

It's also important to note that the best description of perfect love and loving is the one that Christ showed and keeps showing us, the life He lived as man was only because of love and it goes beyond time, time can't even capture it wholly, so yeah, that's your perfect definition of perfect love.

You might say —"but, I know about Christ's love, however I still need that romantic kinda good-good loving"—, I'll gladly tell you that you can have both,yeah you can. The knowledge, acceptance and belief in the love of Christ will make the experience of the romantic version even better.

I love you. 😍❤️

♥️💡 & 💵

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