Style Over Fashion.

Style Over Fashion.
May 1st 2019 by Crystal

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So in the previous post I did well to distinguish between Fashion and Style by giving you their definitions. I hope those definitions sank in well if not here’s the link >>>what-is-fashion. So you can read up because that’s where a major part of what I’ll be writing here will emerge from. Now, a lot has been happening in our world of Fashion recently and I’m greatly concerned, not because Fashion is bad but because of the illness it has caused in the mind and character of our young ones all over the world.

Fashion is mainly for the youths; a 40 year old might own a fashion company but will need youths to model those designs he/she made. It’s young people that every single designer (young or old) wants to reach out to because they have a greater energy and better body structure to exhibit whatever it is that has been produced. So with this said, I strongly advocate for decency when it comes to dressing. I don't think dressing nude should be a way to make young people feel sexy and wanted.

Let me tell you this, "No cloth or design can make you less or more than who you already are". This is because I’ve seen young people feel insecure and timid and the next a bad friend advises is to look expensive and sexy so as to look secure and bold (this is applicable to both male and female). Sexy clothes calls the attention of boys without control which they can never last with you after they have sex(for the ladies). Expensive clothes draws attention of people that won’t care to know who you are but what you have (for the guys). There are a lot of many other examples I could give but I’ll stop here. I'm not saying you should wear cheap clothes.

I PREFER STYLE because it is an expression of who you are and how you feel. Unlike fashion that has been portrayed as a means of social recognition; wearing a popular style of clothes (a social standard) and a means of “belonging”. People should wear what makes them feel comfortable not what people think is good. I’m not against expensive clothes and clothes that bring out your curves as a lady, I’m against you using your sophisticated clothes to cover your insecurities and timidity.


Someone once said, “MAKE SURE YOU LOOK AS GOOD AS YOU FEEL”. I’ll advice you embrace “YOUR STYLE”; it is what makes you unique, it’s how you express your personality. If you love sneakers, wear them, if you love skirts, wear them, if you love casual wears, wear them. It’s also important to know that style is perfect depending on the occasion. Religion, culture, weather, body type and profession can affect your style but in all LOOK DECENT then FEEL GOOD AND COMFORTABLE IN IT.

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