Chat with Supernatural

Chat with Supernatural
Nov 21st 2019 by Crystal

Crystal: Happy Birthday!! . So tell us a little we should know about Supernatural….

Supernatural: Thank you dear. My name is Supernatural Victor Emmanuel. Writer, Public speaker and Business Coach. CEO, HAVES CONSULTS, a HR Consulting Firm in Abuja and the Founder of CBD OIL HUB. I’m a music lover and I love connecting with positive minds.

Crystal: Wow! Alright. So how do you feel about your birthday?

 Supernatural: I feel Highly elated. It’s just amazing for me, days like this exposes how much impact you’ve made in the lives of people and how deeply you’re appreciated and this is just my reality today.

Crystal: So you write, speak, you sing and run one or two businesses of your own. How come you do all these effortlessly? 


Supernatural: Well of course I don’t do all these at the same time, nonetheless I strongly believe in excellence, that means that whatever I find myself doing I put all my heart to it. I wake up daily with a consciousness that I can do all things through Christ that gives me strength.

Crystal: Tell us how your blog came about. 

SupernaturalSupernatural Expressions (SXP) was birthed out of my love for reaching out to people. I always knew I could write but even more I wanted to reach out to young people like myself especially young people who are going through a struggle, an abuse, an addiction, young people who are depressed and young people who were struggling in finding purpose; this in summary was what SXP is about.

Crystal: I’m sure you’ve had days you felt like quitting, what has kept you moving as a young person in the world now? 

Supernatural: Definitely there were days of low motivation, but one thing that has kept me going and still keeping me going is the Love of God. (Not my love for him, but His for me). I remember where I’m coming from, the paths He (God) has put me through (process) and where He is taking me to (purpose). There’s this energy I draw from Just pondering on God’s love for me and that keeps me going everyday.

Crystal: So tell us; are you in any serious relationship? *Coughs*

Supernatural: Lol! Yes please .

Crystal: Lol! So ladies you all heard that right? Okay. Your name “Supernatural”, is that really your name from birth?

Supernatural: When I was in secondary school, it was a name my school folks gave to me and ever since then it has just stuck with me cos I came to find meaning in it and it has always worked for me. So yes my name is Supernatural-Victor Emmanuel.

Crystal: So Finally, What would you love to say to every young person that will be reading this on this platform?


Supernatural: Hey you there! Yes you! I’m talking to you. You can do it. Whatever you put your mind to you can (will) achieve it. Strength has been made available for you, just tap into it. Discover yourself. Spend time and money in your personal growth and development, Love God genuinely and follow him and trust me, you’d be limitless. It’s all love from here.

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