How I lost my teeth in the hands of my Beast

How I lost my teeth in the hands of my Beast
Nov 6th 2019 by Nnaji Gloria

I know many of you reading this will be so eager to see the teeth he removed. Well, you will only see it if you have spiritual eyes. Smiles.

Without checking my profile picture, I’m so sure I am a beautiful lady. Some ladies are so scared of praising themselves for the fear of being jolted or mocked. Sorry, I am so passionate about my looks. I have no low esteem and I am unapologetic about that.

Chike believed and knew so. He usually reminded me of how pompous I am. Well, his opinion about my looks is my ever last worries.

Three years back, I shuttled from work to school. I had no family nor anyone to call an assistance. My parents were barely “patching” life. I couldn’t stress their pocket much.

I believe in love. I so believe but I never know how and when to draw a particular curtain. I believed that all will be fine so long he keeps reaffirming his love for me.

His proposal was the sweetest moment of my life. I never saw it coming; not anytime soon.

Chike is the kind of man every girl drools over. His physique is exquisite and second to none. I guess I am the luckiest of the girls all.

Don’t be too sure yet. lol.

That was the end of the beginning of my journey to my love life. I never knew. No! I knew but I didn’t know better. No one told me.

I was wrapped in the euphoria of the love when reality dawned on me. Guess what? I have been living with him and performing wifely duties since 9 months now and yet, he didn’t see any reason to commensurate and concrete our love – wedding.

After 12 months of living with him and having my second abortion because he wouldn’t want to have a child outside wedlock; he began having a second thought of our relationship.

I tried everything possible to make Chike understand the fact that I have laid my solid 4 years of selfless and committed life to him but all proved abortive.

With which teeth will I laugh with those girls I laughed for being spooky?

With which teeth will I say the least that, a well and respected lady like is being pushed out from her husband’s sex mate’s house.

I wept but my teeth were already gone. How can I get it back?

This has been the case of a thousand ladies out there in the society who feels being married is the best certificate they can earn in life. Being married is a very good thing. I honestly wish to be married someday. I sincerely do!

Knowing when to draw your curtain when it seems the “Chikes” are not “shaking” body in that relationship matters a lot. A Christian lady is decent, patient, prayerful and possess the Proverbs 31 attributes to help her stand in this present day where evil stands to be the norm.

Dear ladies, this letter came with a burden. A burden to know that you are royalty. A burden to let you know how beautiful God has created and made you. He took His time and crafted you into a wonderful being. Do not accept less. What if I had died in the process of abortion, what would I have told my God? This shouldn’t be your case. A man who sincerely cares about you will come without being desperate or struggling for one. Remember, you are Royalty!

Dear gents, I understand so well that the struggle and competition is becoming unbearable and as such, you want to “belong”. That’s beautiful but don’t you think belonging to Jesus gang is the best? You must not engage every lady you meet in pre-marital sex. Think about your health and the danger attached to the act. Can we do Jesus in a beautiful way and allow Him bless your life immeasurably?

There is a life better and that is a life lived in Christ. A sweet and complete one. Take this call and thank me in 6 month's time.

We have a lot to talk about, but first, I need to take care of my broken teeth. Jesus is waiting for me.

Till I come your way again, keep being beautiful in Christ.

Yours anointed writer,

Nnaji, Gloria Ebere US Certified Marriage Mentor/Relationship Coach Writer, Author, Trainer, Speaker Multiple International Award Winner Jesus freak!

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Nnaji Gloria
Nnaji Gloria

Nnaji Gloria is a speaker, an inexhaustible writer and a US certified Marriage Mentor and Relationship Coach.